Dyken Pond in December 2016


                               December 2016
Dyken Pond

Environmental Education Center

Connecting people to nature


A Rensselaer County Park with support from the 

Friends of Dyken Pond

Hello valerie,

We would like to  thank all of you who come out to the Center and enjoy our trails and the beautiful forest at Dyken Pond. By simply enjoying the outdoors, you pass along the message to others of the importance of caring for the land. We are grateful for all of you who love and enjoy the outdoors. Thank you if you’ve made a donation, become a Friend member, bought bird seed, wreath or a trail marker.  Happy Thanksgiving and hope to see you on the trail!

As of Wednesday, November 23, we have  two feet of snow on the ground. The entrance road is being worked on and will re-open soon. Please check our website and outgoing phone message at 518 658-2055 for updated road and snow conditions.

November Events

Opt-Outside Black Friday Snowshoe Hike: Nov. 25th    1-3pm

Want to avoid the hordes of shoppers this Black Friday? What better way than to Opt-Outside and join Josh Pulito for a hike at the Dyken Pond Environmental Education Center? Come explore the newly opened trail to Newcomb Pond. Hike will last approximately 2 hours and will cover moderate terrain.  Snowshoes available for rent: $5

December Events

Thursday Trek: December 8      2—4pm        Hike or snowshoe about 2.5 miles on the new Newcomb Pond trail.  Hike Leader:  Josh Pulito

Sunday, December 11:

 Yule Log Tradition  1pm – 4pm 

We start the afternoon by sharing the traditional story of the Yule Log and the science of the Winter Solstice. Folks will be given a few hints and then it’s up to you to find the hidden Yule Log. Once found, it will be carried back and enjoyed at the outdoor campfire. David Muska will demonstrate how to start a fire by friction (find out if you really can start a fire with two sticks!)    Holiday crafts and greens will be available to make. People of all ages are encouraged to come out to this free, informal program and don’t forget to bring your sleds! Hot chocolate and light snacks will be provided and feel free to bring your own snacks to share.

Looking for Holiday Gift Ideas?

Personalized Trail Markers: Dyken Pond is selling personalized trail markers for $50. Personalized trail markers are a great way to honor the outdoor enthusiast in your life while supporting a local park. Personalize with a name or short saying. Follow the link below for more information and to place an order:


Walking Sticks: Dyken Pond is selling handmade walking sticks for $15.

And for you Amazon shoppers, did you know that Amazon will donate a percentage of every item you buy at no extra cost to you? Simply register at smile.amazon.com. It’s fast and easy!

View the Friends of Dyken Pond’s Strategic Plan:

Friends of Dyken Pond’s strategic plan is now on the website. Click here to view: http://dykenpond.org/?page_id=3091

“Not just beautiful, though—the stars are like the trees in the forest, alive and breathing. And they’re watching me.”

— Haruki Murakami

Friends of Dyken Pond

Celebrating 25 Years


Dyken Pond Environmental Education Center

475 Dyken Pond Rd.

Cropseyville NY, 12052




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Photo: Frozen Wood Frog

Frogs in Winter

Ever wonder how frogs are able to survive the harsh winters in upstate New York? Frogs have amazing adaptations to help them overcome extreme conditions.

Aquatic frogs such as the Bullfrog and Green Frog typically hibernate underwater. People often believe that Frogs will hibernate buried deep in the mud of the bodies of water in which they live. However, this is not the case. Hibernating frogs require ample oxygen in order to survive and spend most of their time lying on top of the mud or partially buried. Sometimes they will even slowly swim around the water.


Terrestrial Frogs will normally hibernate on land. Those that are good diggers like the Toad will burrow safely below the frost line. Smaller frogs like the Spring Peeper and Wood Frog will seek shelter in deep cracks in trees and rocks or will dig a shallow hole. These terrestrial frogs seem much less protected than their aquatic brethren and you may be wondering how they keep from freezing solid.

Their secret is that they allow themselves to freeze, at least partially. A Wood Frog will send concentrates of Glucose to its vital organs which acts as a type of antifreeze preventing any damage. The partially frozen Wood Frog will stop breathing and its heart will stop making it appear dead to the observer. When the temperature rises above freezing the frog will gradually thaw from the inside out, with its heart and lungs resuming normal activity. The legs are the last part of the frog to defrost. When the process is complete the frog will hop away to enjoy another season of more favorable weather.

To watch a video on the wood frog follow this link:




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Friends of Dyken Pond Center
475 Dyken Pond Rd
Cropseyville, New York 12052
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