TONIGHT! #EnjoyTroy

Raise. Plant. Grow.
The Downtown Troy Business Improvement District Foundation requests support to grow Troy’s urban tree canopy with the Raise. Plant. Grow.initiative to plant up to 150 trees in downtown Troy.
Please join us on the Captain JP Cruise Line for our signature kick off fundraising event today, Tuesday, October 18th at 5:00pm for dinner and dancing.
Tickets are $75 per person. A limited number of tickets are available for BID members at $60 per ticket.
Board:  5:00p.m.
Departure:  5:30p.m.
Return:  8:30p.m.
Dinner courtesy of Slidin’ Dirty and dessert by Butter and Sugar Company
The cost of new trees is approx. $500 each, which includes their purchase, installation, and maintenance, as well as the removal of stumps and debris from each tree well prior to planting. Make a donation today as funds are raised to ignite the growth of Troy’s urban tree canopy!
Following the raising of funds, clearing the city of dead and/or dying trees and removing stumps from tree wells, is the first stage of the planting process. Once removal of the stumps is complete, the opportunity presents itself to plant new trees during the following planting season. These efforts will occur in stages, allowing for planting of trees throughout the spring and fall months.
The Downtown Troy BID staff includes 1 to 3 individuals, varying by season to maintain beautification initiatives. This includes watering of hanging baskets and flower pots as well as cleaning the streets of debris. Downtown Troy BID beautification staff will manage watering and care of the trees to ensure their healthy growth. 
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