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This week marks the beginning of what we’ll call our late winter market. Only one more month until we move outside to our beloved Monument Square location. The rainy weather today has us feeling hopeful that the false-spring is finally done (knock on wood)! Seedlings are growing and our farmers are busy with summer preparations. What products are you excitedly waiting for?

Wells Maple Farm

Our sugar house is busy boiling sap into this years’ crop of delicious maple syrup! Did you know it takes 40 gallons of sap to produce one gallon of syrup?! This is also dependent on the sugar content of the sap. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have and pick up some syrup, maple cream, granular and molded sugars, lollipops or popcorn. All delicious ways to enjoy pure maple syrup!
Nine Pin
Cidre Rosé is back! Named by InStyle as “The Drink of the Summer”, Cidre Rosé blends the modern world of New York craft cider with old world methods of rosé wine making. This cider is made from a unique combination of Samascott Orchards apples, co-fermented with the skins and juice of New York grown grape varietals: Concord, Traminette, Chancellor, and Noiret from New York vineyards.

Laughing Earth

Spring has sprung and the young hens are laying like crazy! Pullet eggs are smaller than full – grown hen eggs, so we are offering them two for the price of one – $3 a dozen! We have many of the full size eggs, too – time to get eggy!

The Berry Patch

Charming chard is a wonderful way to usher in a spring weekend that will actually feel like spring!  Our spectacular spinach sale continues and you can also find our wonderful salad greens, kale and herbs at our booth on the 3rd street entrance side, across from CVS.  Remember- all of our crops are pesticide-free!
Maynard Farms
Don’t suffer a fool’s errand this week, visit your local Farmer’s Market for lots of gratifying local products.  Maynard Farms will have a beautiful selection of apples, apple cider and tender baby greens that will leave you feeling smart and satisfied and that’s no joke! Our fresh pressed apple cider is nothing to laugh at!  Delicious, traditional orchard blend, tangy, crisp pink lady or light, sweet evercrisp.  Served hot, cold or on the rocks as a delicious adult cocktail mixer – the choice is yours!  Tender baby greens straight from the green house are no joke this time of year – lettuce mix, kales, spinach and collards!

Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils

Come by our booth for your Sunflower needs. Oil, Gluten Free Flour & Brownie Mix, Hummus, Breads and Skin Care.

Saratoga Peanut Butter
Slow Burner Garlic Peanut Butter is back! Warm up by adding this favorite to Thai dishes, chicken wing sauce, or use as a dip with veggies! Stop by our table for a sample.

Pika’s Farm Table

Visit us this Saturday and check out some of the new oven dishes that we have been working on. Also back are the gift/treat boxes of Waffelettes, perfect delicious and affordable Thank You or Appreciation Gifts!
Small batch jams just like your grandmother used to make and, even better! Our jams are all natural, using less sugar and we never use anything artificial. At Jamtastic we produce handcrafted, small batch artisanal jams, using the finest fruits (locally sourced when seasonally available), all natural ingredients and never any preservatives. Our products are entirely handmade, from start to finish. From processing fruit manually to creating, printing and applying our labels entirely by hand, we strive to produce the very best product that nature has to offer!
Our Farm CSA
Our pigs are starting to turn the ground and mama is showing the little ones how it’s done, it will be time for people to garden soon, plan ahead and get ready to pick out plant starts in a few weeks. We have fired up the greenhouse and the first plants will be ready in a few weeks.  Sign up for our Market Share before May 1, 2019 for a 10% credit on vegetables of your choice.
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Lavenlair Farm:
As many of you know, we have an old school house (built in 1807) on our farm. We would love to restore it to add more amenities for you when you come and visit. Please help us restore it by voting for us in this Fed Ex Small Business Grant contest here. Thanks in advance!
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