Who murdered Hazel Drew??

Fueled by mystery, Hazel’s murder became front page news attracting journalists from all over the country. They reported daily on the “Teal Pond Mystery.” Every day police and detectives made new discoveries. And, with every new discovery came another suspect, more questions and even more mystery.
“Drew – a blond bombshell with a ‘well-formed figure’ – was last seen picking raspberries by the side of Taborton Road at 7 pm on July 7, 1908.”  An autopsy report described her as being a “well-formed figure,”
“Hazel Drew was one of those women that other women admired. Her blonde, thick hair, was always immaculately styled. Her blue eyes were serious yet charming, and she had a small, upturned mouth, which in hindsight, made it appear as though she was always hiding a secret.”
 Pulled from the Daily Mail article in March 2017
Historian Ron Hughes says, “Hazel was drop dead gorgeous, beautiful… she was very classy, polite and fashionable.”
The event’s details is available in paperback at Young’s Pharmacy and General Store and in a documentary being released soon.
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