Dedicated Marketplace: Market and showcase your products, services or business opportunities to one of the fastest growing online community calendars.
Direct Target Audience: Our residential community is made up of your current and future customers. We work hard to maintain a list of eager recipients of calendar and promotional information.

  • The general demographic includes:
  • Capital Region resident
  • Ages 30-60
  • Families
  • Homeowners

Global Reach/Local Effect: Our calendar uses the latest in technology to keep our residents informed of local events from church socials to major concerts. Our publication is different than most events calendars in that we hand-select local events that matter to your customers. We do not direct our readers to events happening hundreds of miles away. Rather, the things listed are local and relevant – keeping our readers coming back, week after week.

Make yourself known to your community by taking advantage of free calendar listing and community postings.

Local Editions: GoToGuide and the Weekender is a LOCAL publication. Our goal is to support local businesses and events by getting the information in the hands of local residents – those consumers that are most likely to buy from you.

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