Calling all laddies and lassies: North Country Goes Green

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Calling all laddies and lassies: North Country Goes Green

March 17-19, Watertown, NY

North Country Goes Green celebrates all things Irish: the food, the music, the dancing…the beer!
Featuring performances by The Willoughby Brothers, the 1916 Band and Searson, the event is three days of fun at Watertown’s State Office Building. Beard-growing contests, dancing, corned beef and cabbage…it’s all waiting at the end of the… well, you get the idea.

Sippin’ the sweet stuff: from sap to syrup

Maple Weekends March 18-19 & 25-26 (NY)

and April 1-2 (Ontario)
Head into steam-filled sugar shacks on both sides of the border to learn how sap gets turned into maple syrup, candies and more! Tastings, sales and good old fashioned outdoor fun awaits.
Sugar Shacks on the U.S. side are open two weekends in March while Canadian producers do the same in April.
Still looking for something to do in the 1000 Islands in spring?

So the summer attractions are not yet open and there’s not enough snow to hit the slopes. Whatcha gonna do?

Head outdoors and enjoy the unseasonably high temps at any of eight nature preserves with trails that are open year-round and maintained by the Thousand Islands Land Trust. Get down by the water, soak in the silence of spring and enjoy having a little corner of the 1000 Islands all to yourself.

Trails, pics, maps and more

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