Field of Horrors

About Field of Horrors

Field of Horrors offers several different attractions for the price of one! Check out Toxic Terror, Return of the Mummy’s Curse, Trail of Terror Hayride, Death Trap, and Insanity.

Field of Horrors is not recommended for children under 10. Strobe lights are in use throughout the premises. All fog machine liquid is water based. This is not a handicap accessible facility.

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Toxic Terror – New for 2018

Deadly rats….lethal Spiders…mutated workers…all have been changed into your worst nightmare because of the leaking and spilled toxic sludge. Wind your way through an underground system of maintenance tunnels that have been illegally used to store toxic waste for years.

Beware the creatures residing here for they are extremely hungry! Will you make it out alive…or will you be the next to mutate…and never come out again?

Return of the Mummy’s Curse

Finally, after many of years of exploring the tomb of the architect, Khepri-Nekhekh, and suffering through the Mummy’s Curse, several scrolls were discovered lost within the tomb and now translated by the researchers for Eerie Productions.

These scrolls revealed the location of a lost temple, and it was revealed within these walls that a high-priestess of the temple, Neferanubis, was entombed within the sanctuary.

Trail of Terror Hayride

As darkness falls zombies, killer hillbillies, vampries, and chainsaw wielding mad men come out of hiding. The Trail of Terror navigates you through acres of acres of mayhem and carnage.

Come see why Farmer Dave and his wife never leave the safety of their farmhouse once the sun goes down. This land becomes a living nightmare after dark.

Death Trap

Weave and wind your way through the deep, dark catacombs of your own demise. Death Trap forces you underground to become part of a world that not many see, but its protectors aren’t so inviting.

Can you find your way out, or will the ground above bury you alive?


Confusion. Disorientation. Perplexion. Puzzlement. These are a few of the senses that will overcome you during your time here. Fear doesn’t only affect you, physiologically, it can also cloud your judgment.

The group becomes tense, the leader falls back from frustrations, the alpha male becomes hostile, the group is no longer calm. Will you and your friends be able to handle the sense of the unknown?

This is the most intense, high tech, mind-boggling attraction you have yet to experience. Come see why everyone is being pushed to the brink of Insanity.

Ticket Prices

  • General Admission: $27
  • Sneak Peek Weekend: $17
  • Groups of 20 to 49: $5 off
  • Groups of 50 to 100: $10 off
  • Military Discount: $5 off

Dates & Hours

  • Friday, October 19th at 6pm
  • Saturday, October 20th at 6pm
  • Sunday, October 21st at 6pm
  • Thursday, October 25th at 6pm
  • Friday, October 26th at 6pm
  • Saturday, October 27th at 6pm
  • Sunday, October 28th at 6pm
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