Firebreathing!?? WHAT?

Public Free Event for the Community (Please read rules below)

Bring a friend (invite others) and come respectfully watch or learn and practice with fire perfromers and the Albany Region Flow Artist Community at the Jennings Landing Amphitheater every tuesday night after dusk.

Flow Artist are people who use a variety of movement-based disciplines including dance, fire breathing, juggling, fire-spinning, and object manipulation. Objects that are used include staffs, poi, hula hoops, rope darts, fans, swords, scythes, and whatever unique objects the artist have crafted themselves.

Photographers are awlays welcome but are asked to be respectful and considerate with their use. If you are new to night photography there are people who are willing to help you figure out the best settings for desired effects.

Music is always welcomed! Drummers usually attend the events giving flow artist a rythm to groove to. If you have your own drums, dideridoo, or any instrument that you’d like to play, you are encouraged to join in and have fun.

Free parking is avialable on the right side of Quay Street just outside the Riverfront Bar and Grill “The Barge.” After a short 0.2 mile southernly walk along the Mowhawk Hudson Hike Bike Trail through the Corning City Preserve you will find yourself at Jennings Landing amphitheater.


Please respect, and DON’T ABUSE our privilege to be here.
~~The Rules~~
This is not a party. It is a public place, as a public get-together. so some simple, common sense public behavior rules DEFINITELY DO APPLY. We have built something amazing, that so many people enjoy, and OUR PRIVILEGE TO BE HERE is all on the balance of its public image, and known respect.
Please leave your alcohol and paraphernalia in the car. It is a public place, you wouldn’t bring that shit to Washington park, or chilling in front of the Empire plaza.. DON’T BRING IT HERE. such a thing around FIRE might be cause for concern for some people of authority.
2) Please DO NOT SMOKE near the fuel bucket(s)
DO NOT CONGREGATE near the fuel bucket(s)
If you are not in line to be burning, please stay away from the fuel can on the left side; to avoid congestion, in a dangerous location.
3) NEW PEOPLE lighting it up for a burn, .
But be safe have fun
Please take the following precautions
read the “Do you want to burn doc” ( located on the Albany spin jam files page)
Especially if it is your first burn ever, it’s important to us that you feel safe and ready to love your first burn as much as possible.
In this community, it is all about safety first, and friendly, fun and respect second.
Please contact/approach one of the spin jam veterans (any one of the Albany Spin Jam Admin’s or officers is perfect) that knows the prop you wish to burn, and demonstrate that you have a basic understanding of said prop. We will be happy to safety for you, or answer any questions or fears you may have.
4) Once the sun goes down, if you ARE NOT BURN ING Please stay out of the burn area ( the area inside the stone grid arch). Feel free to hang out in the general audience bleacher seats or practice areas. We love to share and be share’d with. So Dont be shy!, but be courteous to your spinning friends, in light that they might not see you. Those flames are awfully bright and distracting.

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