The Regional Premiere of the epic adventure play by Jaclyn Backhaus.
1869. MEN ON BOATS tells the courageous story of the exploration and charting of the Colorado River by a one-armed Civil War Major and his insane but loyal crew.

“…you will surely want to spend time with the hearty title characters of MEN ON BOATS…(a) rollicking history pageant…MEN ON BOATS makes canny use of the obvious distance between performers and their roles to help bridge the distance between then and now…The tone is comic, but never cute or camp. And ultimately you feel, the play respects its bold if fallible pioneers, in all their natural bravery and fearfulness.”-New York Times

John Wesley Powell-Cori Irwin
William Dunn-Debra Bercier
John Colton Sumner-Iris Singer
Old Shady-Susan Katz
Bradley-Maghen Ryan
O.G. Howland-Sara Paupini
Seneca Howland-Victoria Vine
Frank Goodman-Susan Dantz
Hall-Jeanette Horowitz
Hawkins-Laura Darling
Tsauwiat-Myrna Bernstein
The Bishop Mary Williams

Director- Patrick White
Assistant Director-Dennis Skiba
Stage Manager-Lisa Bryk
Lights & Sound-Barry Streifert

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