White Water Derby!

There’s one Adirondack pastime that requires more guts than
any other: whitewater rafting on the Hudson River. Rafting companies proudly share their life’s passion with those daring
souls who seek heart-stopping adventure on the river. Revel in
the icy clear water flowing from the heart of the Adirondack wilderness. Board an inflatable boat and paddle hard through
angry rapids, dodging boulders and striving to not fall into the
jaws of the river. Heed the commands screamed by your guide as your group attempts to conquer the turbulent waters. Hear
half-true tales of epic days on the river and overnight camps in
the forest. Rafting on the Upper Hudson River Gorge is the most intoxicating adventure in the Lake George Area. READ MORE

May 6-7, 2017 :: 60th Annual Hudson River Whitewater Derby

If you’re a seasoned rafter or you want to watch the experts dominate a river, you need to head to the Hudson River Whitewater Derby. This event in its 60th year is an annual series of whitewater races on the Hudson. This Adirondack tradition features a novice slalom race and a giant slalom race on Saturday and a downriver race on Sunday. There’s even a “Not-so-Whitewater” race on Saturday for those beginner and intermediate level kayakers and canoers. Basil & Wicks hosts an awards party on Saturday complete with prizes and music.The 2017 edition of the Hudson River Whitewater Derby will be held on May 6-7.

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