Winter Battery Care

Consulting our magic snow globe, we can confidently make this seasonal prediction:
thousands of drivers will find themselves stranded in the dead of winter thanks to a
dead battery. Understanding what keeps your battery cranking can help you avoid being
left out in the cold.

As air cools, the oil in your car thickens. Parts move slower and it requires more energy
for the battery to turn over and start the engine. A battery loses a third of its power in
freezing weather. If the temperature drops to zero or below, your battery has only half
its power.

To keep your battery operating reliably in any season, have a trained technician clean
battery cables and check that the charging system is charging at the correct rate.

What do you do if your battery has been exposed to very cold weather? A fully charged
battery will not freeze unless the temperature drops very low. If it does freeze, it
destroys the lead coating and the battery cannot charge. If the sides of your battery
seem to bow out, this is a sign the battery is frozen. Never jump-start a frozen battery
because it may explode.

No matter what precautions you take, your battery will probably be reliable just 3 to 5
years. An aging battery increases the odds that you could spend some unscheduled
time in your driveway or parking lot.

If you do have battery problems, AAA can help. AAA Battery Service offers free diagnostics –
and technicians come to you. We can test your charging system and, at your request, install a
quality AAA battery right on the spot.

Your new AAA battery comes with a member discount and a 72-month limited warranty
and free replacements for 36 months, nationwide.

Every battery we replace is recycled. So far, AAA Battery Service and our collection program,
AAA Great Battery Roundup®, have kept more than 2 million batteries from contaminating

For more information on AAA Hudson Valley’s mobile battery service, call 518-426-1000.

Not a member? Don’t get left out in the cold! Join now at or call 426-1000.

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